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Since the beginning of time, God has always desired to dwell with man. It has always been the focus and intention of God to be in close fellowship with humanity. Man was never created to live on his own and in isolation from God.

The first man Adam had one of the greatest opportunities to walk in unbroken communion with God. We can’t say how long this lasted, but what we do know is that God walked with Adam in the cool of the day, His breath and presence was one with Adam. They were divinely intertwined and walked in perfect union in a place called Eden. This reality of Adam in Eden was a prophetic picture of what God wanted every man to possess. This is Perfect union, close fellowship and friendship with him. All of this was to be lived out in a divine place called Eden.

When you hear the word Eden, what do you think of? Some of you think only of a garden in which Adam and Eve lived. While that may be correct, I want to introduce Eden to you as more than a physical location. Eden wasn’t just a geographical location it was an environment. It was a perfect environment where heaven kissed earth, where the spiritual made contact with the natural and where the presence of God was one with man. It was a place of spiritual exchange, an environment Adam had unbroken and intimate fellowship with God.

Man’s separation from God was the result of the fall. It attempted to divorce man from God and leave them running like fugitives before the father. However this was never the initial design.

God’s perfect picture is having an intimate and close relationship with people. Not with fugitives running in fear, but with friends drawing closer in love. In order to activate this, God set in motion a permanent redemption plan for humanity through Jesus. This was to restore the environment Eden created and allow them to walk in the freedom and power of His presence. Through Christ redemptive work, we can walk with God as Adam did, but even more so we can walk as Jesus walked with the father in oneness and intimacy.

PRAYER: God activate in me intimacy and close fellowship with you. Remove hindrances from my life and help me to walk with you this year.

Scripture: Genesis 3:8; Psalm 73:28; James 4:8


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