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Covering distance is important when it comes to living out your vision, accomplishing life goals and being impactful in your assignment. The problem is that many know how to start, but many don’t carry the momentum to cover the obligatory distance and finish.

In the pursuit of your vision there will always be a gap that exists between your present reality and your desired outcome. Closing that gap between where you are and where you aspire to be is what’s important. There’s a level of force necessary to activate momentum and grow stronger and faster as time passes. I would like to explore three ideas on forcing and gaining momentum.

Shut the door

You either make momentum or we break momentum. You make momentum by looking at the future and we break momentum by looking at past. Shut the door behind you and keep on constructing momentum in your life.

Make a decision

Gaining momentum requires more than just good intention and well developed plans; it demands decisive action in order to force and activate movement. Another setback is that people get fanatical about major life decisions thinking it will fix everything after they’ve made it. The power of momentum is not in the big decisions, but in the small daily decisions you make. What you decide to do everyday helps you gain ground and move forward in life.

Celebrate Victories

One victory should build momentum for more victories. If God did it today, he can do it tomorrow. If he helped you in the past, he will help you in the future. Victories build faith and impart confidence. Learn how to celebrate victories. Conversely, don’t park and sit on victories, but build on it.

Refuse to throw away your confidence and stay consistent! This is your year to gain supernatural momentum and progress!

PRAYER: God activate momentum in my life. Give me the wisdom and strength to make prosperous decisions. Empower me on a daily basis to gain new territory and advance in my life and purpose in Jesus name!

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:34-36; Hebrews 12:1


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