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Potential is a mystery that cannot be ignored. There are many matters you will search out and discover in life. However, the discovery and unleashing of your potential will be one of your greatest rewards.

Potential is inherent power, latent ability, untapped success and unused gifting. It’s everything you can be that you have not yet become and everything you can do that you have not done. Many people live with great potential, but the tragedy is that they die with it too. Countless times I have heard someone say to another person ‘you have great potential’. This sounds encouraging, but it’s actually a warning bell going off saying ‘There’s greatness in you, but you’re not living it out yet.

The road to unlocking the power that is within you will obligate you to embrace a variety of keys. Let’s look at few.


I started working out recently and one of the things that inspired me apart from my personal health goals were seeing the bodies of others. Looking at their guns and packs and then looking at myself in the mirror wasn’t always a heartening experience. However, what I did leave with was a picture. I saw what could be, my wife proudly holding my hand on the beach. I don’t think I would of started if I did not have a picture of potential. Get a glimpse of what can be and let it renovate your imagination.


If you’re dealing with the frustration of time, then you’re living in the right world. The activation and unleashing of your potential unfolds in stages and involves a process. There are some people who look at a seed and see something small and insignificant. Then there are others who look at a seed and know there’s a tree on the other side of time and process. The problem with many is the reluctance to walk out the process from seed to tree, nonetheless if you want to unlock your giftedness and ability it takes time and patience to develop and deploy what’s in you.

Invite in PEOPLE

Every Joshua needs a Moses, every Elisha needs an Elijah and every Timothy needs a Paul. When God is getting ready to take you to another level in your life, he will bring the right people, mentors and voices into your life. The unraveling of your potential needs pressure and pressure can come in the form of leaders and friends. Don't be afraid to reach out or invite people in.

PRAYER: God activate my potential. Open my eyes to see what I carry, give me the patience to develop it and the boldness to live it out.

Scripture: Ephesians 3:20; 2 Timothy 1:6-7


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