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In Luke chapter eighteen Jesus shares a parable with his disciples about the persistent widow who cried out day and night before the unjust judge.

He opens this intriguing chapter in verse 1 saying ‘men always ought to pray and not lose heart. Jesus highlights a significant aspect of the, who, when and how to of prayer. Let me help you dissect this.

Who should pray?

It’s interesting how when Jesus talks about who should pray he doesn’t get specific. In general terms He states everyone should pray. There are no specifics around who should pray because prayer is not an exclusive activity for an elite group of people in the kingdom of God. It’s not a specific calling for a few; it’s a mandatory call to all His disciples.

Do some people possess stronger prayer lives than others? Yes, but it’s not calling related, it’s commitment related. These people have responded to the call of prayer and grew in greater measures of authority.

When should we pray?

Many tend to debunk the activity of prayer to when they feel like it or when a need rises. However, as Jesus instructs His disciples on prayer he teaches that men should always pray. Not sometimes or in troubles times, but all the time. Jesus woke up early in the morning to pray and Paul unanimously said ‘pray without ceasing’. We haven’t been given a short term contract to pray, we are employed into a permanent position of prayer and should do it without ceasing.

How should we pray?

We should pray persistently. If you have not prayed insistently do not trust the results you see. We cannot certify unfavourbale conditions in our lives if we haven’t secured our lives and future in prayer. In the parable Jesus goes on to share we see a woman who was refused for some time before the judge granted her justice against her adversary. If you’re dealing with constant refusal, endless agitation from an adversary and it feels like your life has been appointed to death. I’ve got good news. The tables can be turned, the enemies plans disrupted and justice can be granted. This is a true testimony for those who are willing to contend in the courtyards of heaven through persistent prayer.

PRAYER: God activate my prayer life. Teach me how to pray. Empower me to be persistent and never give up in prayer.

Scripture: Luke 18:1-8; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Mark 1:35


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