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Purpose is the reason why something exists. It’s having a clear and strong sense of where you are going. Without a well-defined purpose it’s very difficult to thrive and be successful in life. In fact, a lack of it makes ones life dull; on the other hand when you are full of it and have a sense of direction, it makes life vibrant and colourful. We park on the sidelines of our personal journey watching our lives go by when we are unclear about our assignment and don’t know where we are going.

It’s important to note that all-purpose starts with God. It has been written of you in heaven’s scroll and therefore you cannot create it; you inherit its reality from God. I love saying it like this. Before you were birthed into the earth, purpose was birthed in you. Before your mother embraced you in her arms, purpose embraced you in its arms. Before you were born into the earth you inherited a purpose. Therefore we don’t manufacture it, but we discover it and allow it to unfold in our lives over time. It may even take on a different shape in the different seasons and stages of our lives.

Before you arrived into the earth, purpose was skilfully arranged into your unique design as an individual. The psalmist says, you have been knit together in your mother’s womb. Meaning, God wove a destiny into your life. Like an arrow, you were sent from eternity into time to fulfill a distinctive assignment. Your life is not a biological misfortune. It doesn’t matter how, where or through who you were born, the fact that you are alive and breathing today is an endorsement from God Himself that your life has a greater meaning. Many times we allow others to keep the thermometer of worth and determine our value in life. We live in the shadow people’s approval and validation and never uncover our calling.

Now is not the time to compare yourself, but to run with your intrinsic purpose. If we intend to walk into our future with boldness and confidence we have to clarify our assignment, own it, and fulfill it. This is the only way we can activate our destiny and see everything that heaven has settled pertaining to our lives unfold.

PRAYER: God activate me in my purpose. Help me to discover it, walk in it and fulfil it with boldness and authority to the glory of God.

Scripture: Hebrews 10:7 Romans 8:28; Psalm 139:13; Jeremiah 1:5


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