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Every person is born into this life naturally and every person in his or her lifetime has the opportunity to be born again spiritually. When you are born of God, you are opened to a realm in God where you can sense and know him. When you are born of the spirit you receive the capacity to spiritually perceive matters that exist in the unseen.

God made man to operate in two realms, the natural and the spiritual. Your biological make up shows that you possess various senses such as sight, smell and hearing that gives you the ability to perceive this world. Spiritual senses is the part of your spiritual make up in Christ that helps you perceive realities not seen by the naked senses.

When your spiritual senses are activated the governing of your life is no longer limited by the natural. Many times the difference between life and death or success and failure is the word ‘knowing’. If you knew that person was off you would have exited the relationship. If you knew God was opening the door you would of walked through it. If you know that move was wrong you would of have abandoned it.

There are matters that God does not disclose and then there are dealings that God reveals. When your senses go off it’s God speaking and enlightening your heart. He wants to move your life forward, save you from delay and snatch you from loss and heartbreak. Developing this sense of knowing will promote you to a frequency beyond your natural awareness and it will profit you in life.

Some people are going through life by the way, saying ‘if it happens it happens’. The problem with this ideology is that it doesn’t work in every framework of life. What if problems and complications are predominantly occurring? In this event you need the power of spiritual perception to navigate you through the glitches of life.

This year, offer and surrender your spiritual senses to God. Let Him activate divine perception in you and make unseen realities your experience.

PRAYER: God activate my spiritual senses. I want know and perceive your voice and activities for my life, family and beyond. Show me how to develop my spiritual senses into maturity so that I can discern right form wrong.

Scripture: Hebrews 5:14; Matthew 13:16 John 5:20


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